About Us

Opening the lines of communication
It connects your business to your customers, your operations to your suppliers, and your employees to each other – business communications is more than just talk. Thankfully, so is inTouch Communications.

Since 1995, we’ve been helping companies to open the lines of communication by taking advantage of telecommunications technology in their businesses. While we began offering affordable local and long-distance services, inTouch has continued to evolve with the industry. In the process, enabling its clients to adopt new equipment and services as they continue to become available.

Today, inTouch Communications provides a full range of communications services and equipment -- from Samsung phone systems, to local and long distance phone service; VoIP, data and Internet services; and voice and data cabling.

As a result, we’ve seen our own business expand throughout the region and into virtually every industry. We continue to support our business clients with the responsiveness and technical resources that ensures they’re better able to meet the needs and expectations of their own customers.

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