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Digital and VoIP Phones

Digital and VoIP Systems

i6011 12 Button IP Phone

A superb IP phone for executive assistants and managers, the SMT-i6011 VoIP phone offers a polished and professional look. With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, this desk phone offers a lot of advanced features for the price.
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Interworking with smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Easy to install and configure

i6021 24 Button IP Phone

i6021 24 Button IP Phone
The next big thing in VoIP phones, the SMT-i6021 is a sleek addition to executive offices. This powerful IP phone connects with executives smartphones while offering many advanced telephony features.
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Call sharing via Bluetooth
  • Seamless call handover to your smartphone and vice versa
  • Advanced features and crystal clear voice quality

IP Phone SMT-i5210S

    Ideal for your office staff, the SMT-i5210 offers HD voice quality, productivity features, easy-to-use programmable keys and intuitive navigation.

  • Ideal for office workers
  • Features and functionality
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Intuitive navigation

IP Phone SMT-I5220S

Perfect for main or remote office locations and office administrators, the SMT-i5220 is a great tool for those who need flexibility, customized set- up and multimedia UC.

  • Ideal for administrators/operators
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Easy navigation

IP Phone SMT-I5230

IP Phone SMT-I5230

Ideal for sales staff, the SMT-i5230 IP phone supports productivity tools such as Presence, Scheduler, IM and video. It’s equipped with intuitive and easy to use menu navigation and functionality.

  • Perfect for sales staff
  • Enhances sales productivity
  • Straightforward functionality
  • Easy-to-navigate menu

IP Phone SMT-I5343

A perfect combination of power and style, the Samsung SMT-i5343 takes IP connectivity to a whole new level. This top-of-the-line and intuitive IP phone seamlessly connects with employees’ mobile devices, enabling businesses increase productivity and make the most of mobility.

  • Wired/wireless connectivity and advanced features
  • Bluetooth technology to pair headsets and transfer calls between devices
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) tap for hot desking
  • Smartphones and Tablets used as add-on modules (AOMs)

IP add-on module SMT-I5264

  • Compatible with IP phones
  • Powered by PoE
  • 64 programmable keys
  • Two-position desk mount

IP Phone SMT-i3105D Entry Level

SMT-i3105D Entry Level 5B IP telephone, Dark Gray
  • Transfer, hold, conference or mute with ease
  • Multiple ring tones facilitate personalization
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • Send short messages to other phones via the display interface

iDCS 28-Button Speaker Phone (Dark Gray)

iDCS 18-Button Speaker Phone (Dark Gray)

iDCS 8-Button Speaker Phone (Dark Gray)

iDCS 8-Button Speaker Phone (Dark Gray)

iDCS 64-Button Add-On Console (Dark Gray)

iDCS 64-Button Add-On Console (Dark Gray)

Smart Handover seamlessly transfers smartphone IP calls carried via the office Wi-Fi network to the cellular network without disruption. When implemented with Samsung’s Wi-Fi access points, SCM Compact identifies when WE VoIP users move outside the Wi-Fi zone, then automatically switches their Wi-Fi call to a cellular voice call.

Indoor Access Points

Samsung Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) support 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2, offering higher throughput, more capacity, and less interference, while providing easy and reliable management. The APs are dual concurrent radio access points with each radio capable of running on either a 2.4 or 5GHz band.

  • Smart antenna technology and an optimal RF pattern with multiple physical antennas to minimize dead zones, delivering greater coverage and optimized services
  • Self-organizing to automatically optimize access point configurations and coverage to meet each deployment’s unique RF environment
  • Voice Aware Traffic Scheduling (VaTS) delivers toll-grade Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) support with patented technology that efficiently sends voice frames to multiple devices using traffic scheduling techniques that Samsung perfected over decades of serving mobile operators

WEA 400 Series Data Sheet
WEA 412 Wall Plate AP Series Data Sheet
WEA 504i Wave Two AP Series Data Sheet

Samsung 463e Outdoor Access Point

Outdoor Access Points

The Samsung Outdoor APs are IP66 and IP67 certified, guaranteeing the highest levels of certification in the electrical equipment enclosure protection standard (IES-529 Standard). More than completely dust proof, they provides stable performance in frequently changing climates.
The Samsung Outdoor AP weighs only 2.8 kg and is light enough to be held in one hand, allowing easy installation. WEA463e can build an efficient wireless Mesh networks optimized path by mounting the original Mesh Protocol Samsung Electronics.

WEA 463e Data Sheet

Mobile First Made Easy

Samsung WE VoIP is a smartphone application integrated with Samsung Communications Manager and OfficeServ 7000 platforms that provides corporate users voice-over-IP communications over private Wi-Fi networks when in the office and public Wi-Fi or cellular network when out of the office. This application turns your mobile device into a full-featured Samsung IP phone, providing conference calling, transferring, call back later, and hold functions over your corporate Wi-Fi network greatly expanding your BYOD capabilities. The application is available at Google Play Store and iTunes.

Both Android and iOS smartphones are supported.

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